Staff Security Door

Designed specifically to protect personnel at their work place from determined day time raiders.

The staff entrance door is one of the vulnerable points and the practice of buttressing existing doors provides only limited protection. Furthermore, the addition of a steel plate usually causes weakness in frames.

High risks are not confined to banks, building societies and post office. Establishments like hospitals, where drugs are stored, high-tech commercial establishments with valuable computer equipment and data also need to provide protection for their staff against physical attack.

The best safeguard for your staff The Johnson Staff Security Door is constructed from barrier materials, tested for resistance to firearms. It is secured in a tough hard-wood frame with metal hinges, and finished attractively to match the surroundings. Advanced electronic systems, designed to thwart forced entry, are available as options.

Simple Installation The product is supplied packed flat. Full assembly instructions are provided. Installation can be carried out by Johnson Security engineers if required.

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