Transfer Station


Four models are available to meet customers requirements for security and speech transfer.

All models are designed to make the transfer of cash, documents, or valuables as easy as possible without compromising security.

Security The degree of security is dependant on choice of model.

Speech Transfer Choice of model will depend on ambient noise levels affecting the clear transfer of speech.

Construction All models are made in satin polished stainless steel and general construction is to very robust standards.

Type 1 Transfer Station A shallow 28mm trough unit with many uses but recommended for anti-bandit protection only.

Type 2 Transfer Station – Armoured A robust, armoured* model with deeper 80mm trough which easily accommodates and transfers A4 documents, keys, etc. The sliding perspex cover provides access control and helps enhance speech transfer.

Type 3 Transfer Station – Audio enhanced Similar to type 2, this armoured* model incorporates small apertures on the side of the unit which enhances natural voice production. A latch mechanism controls the perspex access cover.

Type 4 Transfer Station – Electronically enhanced audio
As type 3 and similarly armoured*, this model incorporates electronic equipment to boost speech levels. The degree of amplificaton can be set precisely to suit ambient circumstances by installation engineers. A mute control is also fitted.

*Armoured to BS 5051 – Part 1 – 1988 – Grade G1 and with anti-ricochet construction.

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