L-Type Transfer System

For the rapid transfer of coins and notes. Split drum design allows simultaneous loading and unloading.


  1. Unique split drum.
  2. Ballistic protection to BS5051/1988, G2/S86.
  3. Simple single lever operation.
  4. Operator safety ensured by careful drum design, providing ballistic overlap at all times.
  5. Window with security flap to allow visual identification of customer.
  6. Intercom with operator warning buzzer for customer/operator communication.
  7. Easy and convenient to use as loading platform is at a suitable height.
  8. Quickly and easily installed.
  9. Single phase 5 amp supply only required from standard 3 pin plug.
Capacity(Size of drum aperture) Operated by
Type Height Width Depth Max. Load -
Single Opening 750mm 510mm 660mm 500Kg Hand Operated
Double Opening 750mm 510mm 325mm each 500Kg Hand Operated


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