Ams-Type Transfer System- Manual

For the bulk transfer of bullion and valuables between non-secure/secure zones. 


  1. Ballistic protection to BS5051/1988, G2/S86 or R2.
  2. Manual operation for easy transfer of bullion pallets etc.
  3. Security ensured by drum design providing ballistic overlap at all times.
  4. Vision panels in the drum design allow the cargo to be inspected in the closed condition.
  5. Visual and audio communication between customer and operator.
  6. Accepts Bank of England and Europallet cages.
  7. Unit available right hand operation or left hand operation.
  8. Unit also available with 270 deg. rotation at extra cost.
Capacity(Size of drum aperture) Operated by
Type Height Width Depth Max. Load
Manual 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1.00 Tonne Hand Operated

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