Cash Centre

FDJI Group design and build cash centres using ourown innovative products in conjunction with best in class security products from partners

Cash Centre delivery is completed as a turnkey project designed to create the right environment for handling and processing cash, bullion or other valuable commodities in totally secure conditions.

Our design methodology is the same for buildings as it is for vehicles. We concentrate on the tasks being completed within the asset, working from there to identify and mitigate risks. We have been long term exponents of perimeter protection through the use of secure rotary doors, high end and integrated access control, Geo-fencing and disruptive positive response systems such as sound cannons and smoke.

FDJI Manage the entire supply chain to provide a one-stop-shop, we also manage the integrity and reliability of our approved sub contractors by ensuring that no  one team has full knowledge of the defence mechanisms installed throughout the centre.  Fire and other security systems are also integrated into the solutions using UL and BSI approved contractors.

The innovative ideas and designs that have brought Johnson Security to the forefront of the security industry are incorporated in the cash centre products to guarantee security and comfort for the users.

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