Access Control Systems

The Johnson Rotary Personnel Access Control Door with its Fully Automatic Building Access Control System (BACS), ensures only fully authorised personnel enter and exit a highly secure area, one at a time.


The following procedure will authorise entry and exit to the secure area

a) PIN entry for initial method of identification.
b) Fingerprint validation using Biometrics Fingerprint Reader.
c) Confirmation of individuals body weight by built-in load sensor programmed to recognise individual weights

Consequently, using the Fully Automatic Johnson Personnel Access Control Door prevents the possibly for an additional person to force entry (hostage situation)


The Rotary Door is managed by an embedded control system, which when linked directly to a network switch, will allow access by any nominated network computer running Windows software and installed with Johnson Security Limited bespoke Building Access Control System (BACS) software.
Alternatively, a client Access Control System may be used to control initial authorised time of day entry and exit and the Johnson system controlled by a stand alone computer. to verify PIN, weight and fingerprint recognition. Consequently any incorrect passenger data will automatically reject a person back to the unsecure (on entry) or secure (on egress) side of the door system.

Full Database Audit Trail using a Microsoft Access Database. The units compact design will allow the system to fit most doorways and can be finished to blend in with existing decor.


  1. The unit provides ballistic and physical overlap at all times, with protection to BS5051/1988, G2/S86.
  2. The compact design allows the unit to fit most doorways.
  3. Electrically operated from single phase 240 volt 13 amp supply.
AHD step 1 AHD step 2 AHD step 3
Step 1 – Call Door from its centerally parked position. Step 2 – Enter door – weight device senses increased floor load and rotates door to its centrally parked position. Step 3 – Operated access control – enter pin number, then place finger on scanner.
AHD accept or AHD reject
Step 4a – Correct data accepted – door will rotate to secure side or vice versa. Step 4b – Data unacceptable – door will rotate back to unsecure side or vice versa.

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