Welcome To The Four Dimension Johnson Industries Group


Our Partners

FDJI have developed strong assembly partnerships throughout the world.

These partners have been carefully selected based on:

  • Their technical experience and expertise in dealing with specialist vehicles and their assembly, often on multiple makes or models of chassis
  • Their reputation and experience with global vehicle manufacturers
  • Their worldwide renowned aftersales solutions and networks
  • Employment ethics and CSR policy
  • High standards for product quality and first class service


Some FDJI partners not only offer local assembly but are also commercial partners of FDJI and promote FDJI products in their region under exclusivity contracts. These partners regularly receive product enhancements and on-going continuous training.

FDJI conduct continuous assessments and reviews with their partners to ensure that customers continue to receive service to the highest of standards.

Our local partners offer other direct benefits to FDJI customers such as local knowledge and aftersales support networks, they will navigate local import and legislation issues to ensure efficient product delivery.

FDJI invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements, we will support sales enquiries and product  support in your geographical area.