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About Four Dimensions Johnson Security


Dr Wang Yan, the Founder and CEO of FD, is considered, in China, to be an automotive expert, he has been associated with the industry for more than 20 years. In 1996, Dr Wang Yan spotted a business opportunity in the CIT vehicle industry. Certain financial institutions in China were outsourcing their cash transportation to professional security companies. Besides, the number of robberies in CIT vehicles had increased. Both of these factors represented an opportunity for that line of business and Wang Yan was ready to invest. Just like the Chinese automobile industry in the early 1990s, the CIT industry was in its infancy, with limited technology and production experience. To overcome these disadvantages, Wang Yan decided to enter the CIT vehicle industry through a joint venture (JV) with a foreign company that was already a market leader. Dr Wang Yang could offer the potential partner access to the Chinese market and, in return, FD could get access to its technology and know-how. After evaluating a few options, WANG chose JOHNSON as his partner for the JV.

According to the JV agreement, FD became JOHNSON’s exclusive partner in Asia. Furthermore, JOHNSON committed to continuously update product designs to maintain FD–JOHNSON’s technology advantage.

Unlike other Chinese CIT vehicle manufacturers that produced low-end CIT vehicles, FD–JOHNSON decided not to target sales to financial institutions, the largest customer group in the Chinese CIT vehicle industry at that time. Instead, FD targeted professional valuables escort companies, which provided transportation and custody of cash and other valuables for financial institutions. Financial institutions running their own CIT vehicles required multi-use vehicles, and their purchasing decisions were mostly driven by price. Professional value escort companies bought high-quality CIT vehicles because of the high level of risk involved in their business; therefore, safety and quality were the determining factors in their purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, professional value escort companies emerged as a blossoming sector in 1997, when Shenzhen Vpower Finance Convoy Co., the first professional security company in China, was established by 17 financial institutions.

In 2004, FD became the majority shareholder of JOHNSON, holding 63.07 percent of the shares. Three years later, in June 2007, FD purchased the remaining shares, becoming the sole owner of JOHNSON.


In order to meet the special requirement for SARS vehicles, KFB Extramobile GmbH incorporated a highly-efficient pressurised filter system combined with a ventilation system. The inserted filters guarantee that the contaminated interior air is transferred 99.99% particle-free to the outside and the interior is supplied with sufficient conditioned fresh air.

This new Ambulance concept became incredibly relevant for the Chinese market which was suffering from serious on-going epidemics. In total 235 vehicles were ordered to assist China to support the Healthcare actions.

FDJI recognized the potential in KFB-Extramobile and bought the company in 2010 with the view to developing opportunities in China, they have since become one of the main suppliers of Ambulances in China.

About Johnson Security

For over 5 decades, we have designed and manufactured Specialist vehicles, Cash-in-transit vehicles, Cash Transfer Units, Access Control Doors and carried out other specialised manufacturing for all of the main cash in transit companies, high street banks and major supermarket chains in the EMEA region. We are known throughout the security industry for our technical innovation & the solid reliability and robustness of our products. We pride ourselves on our continuing high level of investment in research and development so that we can continue to provide an extensive and ever enhancing problem solving service to our existing and new customers.


  • 1959: Johnson & Sons
  • 1967: Built first security vehicles for Group 4
  • 1968: The limited company JE Johnson & Sons (Engineering) Ltd was formed
  • 1969: Right from the initial order, Johnson were contracted to build 150 vehicles for Group 4 each year
  • 1971: Wide diversification of products (hospital, agricultural equipment, shower cabinet, heating and ventilation ducting)
  • 1986: Entire relocation to Toddington
  • End of the 90’s start of 2000 Joint Venture arrangement with FD-Johnson, a Chinese company that builds Johnson Vehicles in Beijing
  • 2007: Johnson Security is now part of the Chinese FD- Johnson Group
  • 2008: Diversification into other markets – Ambulance and Fire & Safety
  • 2012: New prototype projects with EMEA customers to meet their global strategies

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About KFB

  • 1978: KFB Extramobile Body and Automotive Industry
  • 2001: KFB Extramobile GMBH
  • 2004: Relocation to a state of the art production centre in the Nürburgring trade area in the heart of Germany.
  • 2010: KFB Extramobile becomes a part of Four Dimensions Johnson Industries Group FDJI


For the last 30 years KFB Extramobile have manufactured and delivered ambulances and first response vehicles, they have become a leader in their field, also designing emergency deployment and disaster control vehicles.

KFB Extramobile  has also developed an extensive range of medical equipment in parallel to their emergency vehicle production.

Since becoming a part of FDJI, and thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation,

KFB Extramobile has diversified to develop solutions for other specialist vehicles, such as armoured vehicles, media, police and other highly technical vehicle conversions.

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About Four Dimensions China

Established for over two decades, the company, FD-Johnson produces vehicles of exceptional quality and incorporates a range of leading edge features and technologies. Located in the north of Beijing, in purpose-build premises covering in excess of 30,000 sqm, there are currently more than 300 staff employed. All design; fabrication and assembly work is completed in-house on site.

Production capacity has steadily increased to match sales-indeed; an earlier production target of some 1000 vehicles per annum has been exceeded.

The site offers considerable scope for expansion; this is already at an advanced stage and will create increased facilities for design, production and R&D.
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